Home appliances

In 1983 “Votkinsky Zavod”, a state industrial group, has launched a small-sized washing machine production called “Feya” which means “Fairy”. In August 2013 “Feya” brand was celebrating its 30 years Anniversary. During these years more than 12 millions of families have purchased “Feya” washing machines.

Since 1999 Topol Group presents a range of electric storage water heaters under “Realthermo” brand name.

Since 2008 Topol Group presents a European home appliances brand “Redber” on the Russian market.

Since 2009 a legendary brand “OKA” has become a part of Home appliances division of Topol Group.

In 2013 a brand new home appliances production plant in Votkinsk has been launched. On a space of 6.000 sq.m. with modern plastic injection molding machinery and metalworking equipment, more than 250.000 pcs per years will be made.

Today our Home appliances division presents a wide range of the most popular home appliances and storage water heaters.