The Code of Business Conduct

The Code of Business Conduct applies to all employees of the Topol Group. It contains the key principles guiding the Company. Ethics principles of the Company are describe the right way of doing business and of relating to others.


We should be open, honest and reliable when working with our customers, suppliers, coworkers, shareholders and the communities where we have an impact. Our business transactions should be honest, transparent and ethical — we never commit fraud or cheat.

Making the right decisions and finding the right way for implementation

To make the right decision means being ethical according to our values, legislation and professional standards of conduct. It also means following Topol Group policies and procedures. It is also important to speak up when faced with doubtful situations.

Health and Safety of our Stuff

We work safely in a manner that protects and promotes the health and well-being of the individual.


We work in an environment where respect for an individual is encouraged and equal opportunities to succeed are provided.


We are accountable — individually and in teams — for our behavior, actions and results. The company depends on its good name and reputation to succeed. The public standing of our Company fully depends on the actions of the employees and representatives of the Group. This is why we behave accordingly to our corporate values and principles in every operation. This is the way we reach our goals!