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In 1963 “Votkinsky Zavod”, a state industrial group founded a baby prams manufacturing facility, the largest one in the former USSR. From this time, for many years “the Votkinsk pram” was well-known in each Soviet family, and became the synonym for family’s prosperity.

In 2003 the Group executives made a decision to revive the former glory of children’s products manufacturing. It was the start point for Votkinsk Industrial Company.

2012 was marked by acquisition of a timber complex for deep wood processing and forestry, with its own territory and specialized equipment.
Woodworking process was vertically integrated, and this complex was separated into an independent company – Votkinsk Woodworking Plant LLC.

In 2014, the Group launched a new furniture factory in Electrogorsk, Moscow region. Now it is based on the area of 26.000 square meters, is integrated into the overall production process of the Group and is equipped with the modern equipment from HOMAG and IMA (Germany), SCM Group and Biesse (Italy).

By the end of 2016, the Group’s Electrogorsk furniture factory has become the largest manufacturer of nursery and children furniture in Russia, with more than 1 million square meters processed chipboard and MDF per year, and a daily production volume more than 1,000 packages of finished products per one shift.

In 2017, the Group’s subsidiary in China with the office in Ningbo was founded, and Polini brand has been launched one of the leading online sales platforms in China, .

Today, Topol Group obtains the leading position on the market of children’s goods in Russia and the CIS, and has already taken a significant share of children’s furniture market in Germany and other European countries.

The Group’s management is included in the governing Board of the Association of children’s goods Industry (

At the beginning of 2017, the production capacity of the Group’s Children’s goods division consists of 3 factories in Moscow and Udmurt Republic. The facility manufacturing area exceeds 60,000 square meters, and the Division employs the high-tier staff of more than 600 people.

Our client base consists of more than 300 partners – retail chains, wholesale companies and entrepreneurs in all regions of Russia, CIS countries, Israel etc.

For the past few years, the company’s products are honored by many professional awards. In particular, at the end of 2016 Topol Group and the brand of the Group – Polini Kids – received 2 “Golden bear” awards from the National Association of children’s goods industry: “Brand of the year 2016″ and “Best furniture 2016.”

We offer our customers high quality products, which are made of environmentally friendly and durable materials and safe for children.

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